I have been rehearsing still life objects for painting.  First rehearsals have been very casual.  We are tightening up the requirements a little bit now.  The sugar bowl is adapting well to the more stringent rules and looks as cheery as though it had been born to model.

We are learning the lines.  Eventually the spaces around the objects need to satisfy some motive in the drama.  We don’t have all the right props and haven’t marked out where the actors should stand, nor have we determined exactly what structure the narrative will take.  But I’m not fussy at the beginning.  I don’t mind waiting for all the particulars to work themselves out.  And you will not be at all surprised to learn that working with this sugar bowl is really sweet.

2 thoughts on “the Sugar Bowl

  1. Ooh another bowl – I’m excited now 🙂 and it’s a sugar bowl, which is surely up there with a honey jar. You have a good eye for the goodies in life Aletha – thankyou.

    I love my sugar bowl. It has sweetness hidden on the inside, painted roses on the outside, and its form makes photons dance.

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