I am taking various objects out, setting them up on the table beside me and drawing them swiftly with oil pastels.  It helps me think ahead to painting — though later on I intend to do exactly the same with painting:  to set up a small still life and simply have at it.   Lots of little rehearsals let me scatter my force in a beneficial way.

Sometimes I just cannot quite make up my mind, and on such occasions who wants to commit to a large project?  And sometimes my schedule is all broken up into bits, and what am I to do with these bits of time?  I want to keep working on my art, so I adjust my work to things that fit inside these smaller chunks of time.

I got a couple new rice bowls recently.  Still have not got round to even describing the design, having been lured away instead by the overall color patterns among the objects.  There are so many ways of thinking about what you see, and at one time or another I hope to sample them all.

Life is a banquet table.

2 thoughts on “Taste testing

  1. It certainly is a banquet and aren’t we lucky. I love the simplicity of this painting, especially the rice bowl. Whoever invented the bowl is a genius.

    That is so true, Gabe. Whoever invented the rice bowl is indeed a genius of the first order.

  2. Lovely colors! I should do more taste testing instead of jumping in to paint and then having to wipe it all off like I did yesterday.

    Thank you, Jana, but jumping is good! Jumping sometimes, taste testing others!

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