oil pastels

I really hope that the Mayans are wrong (I’m pretty sure they are) because I just got new oil pastels.  I have big plans.  My old oil pastels and my new oil pastels sit side by side.  Each invites you to draw in slightly different ways.  One says “I’m shiny and new.  Use me carefully.”  And that makes your drawing very linear and intellectual.  The old ones are worn down and nubby and tell you “Be bold!  Throw caution to the wind!” and they urge you to dive foolishly, joyfully, headlong into the drawing.  The old ones are wonderful.

The new ones are wonderful too.  And of course, it won’t be long before the new ones are old ones.  And afterwards come new new ones.

4 thoughts on “In with the New, in with the Old too

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