As much as possible, draw anyway

oil pastel landscape in prog

Lots of stuff has been going on with me, forcing me to neglect my little blog.  I’ve had some big responsibilities to handle, and as all bloggers know:  sometimes the blogging has to give precedence to other more urgent tasks.  Here’s when a blogger needs staff.

But throughout the period of dealing with often stressful responsibilities, I have continued drawing whenever possible.  I have learned to use the available time even when it’s just 15 minutes.  And during a period when I have been chauffeuring family members to doctor’s appointments and whatnot, I even began using my car as a studio setting up a still life on the dashboard so that I could draw a little while waiting for someone.  However, I still refrain from drawing while driving!

The beauty of this — besides the fact that it keeps my visual skills sharp — is that the art I do inside the found packets of time helps me cope with emotional uncertainties.  The doing of art can be a very steadying kind of work.  It focuses your mind upon the present.  It reminds you that visual splendor is often around you, even in the most modest circumstances.  Life itself in its minute features is beautiful and mysterious.  I have found that drawing whenever I can helps keep my thoughts focused upon that fact:  that the structure of life is crystalline, spacious, dazzling and wonderous.