It’s the view from the dream, when the colors grey into coming night and that river in the distance is the path your thoughts will take, meandering, carrying you around the bend unto a place no one can find on any map.  You don’t know where the dreams come from.  They come to you with such intensity, press their meanings firmly.  The emotion’s current is strong, and yet I cannot remember any of it once morning comes.  Do I know these places?  How are these my thoughts when they come to me so strangely?

10 thoughts on “The garden considered

  1. Hi Aletha,
    I’ve been out of commission for the past 6 weeks due to knee replacement surgery, but I can at least use the laptop. now. Your landscape is lovely and so are your musings on it. Landscapes elicit dreams for me also, just as dreams sometimes elicit landscapes. Have you checked out my website?
    Frank W

  2. Hello Frank! Congratulations upon your return to the internet, your recovery from knee surgery and the launch of your new website. I hope that you find much success regarding all three! Aletha

  3. Egophen: I am! But the environment in this case was a photograph that I took at a nearby federal park in the spring. Happily, I should be able visit the site in person when it looks this way again — soon! As long as winter will cooperate by going away! Aletha

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