when the longing for spring takes hold

pen landscape

Where I live winter is winding down, but the month of February is always a bit of a challenge.  You know that winter will soon be gone, and yet it’s still here.  The longing for flowers and warmer days has already taken hold, but the flowers are still a long ways off.  So I console myself with looking at pictures of warmth and try to wait patiently, but I’m not really a patient person!

In the interim it’s good to be busy.   Indeed interims are good things to be busy inside.  I wrote a couple posts ago about the value of using found bits of time for drawing.  Well, I’m heartened to discover wise Paul Foxton, a wonderful British artist, advocating that same idea.  And he says it so well and offers many suggestions for ways to get the most out of an “interim.”

His suggestions for habit creation are brilliant.