Trace Elements


One reason for doing the separate compositional drawings of flowers is to discover how the elements exist in relation to each other. Later compare the drawings with the painting (since you cannot get back far enough from the painting to view both the painting and the still life at the same time).  There is a pearl-like highlight on the upper left cup-shaped flower.  I have to move left toward the still life to see it.  Remember this, and a similar highlight in the right hand rose on the drape.  Relate the two gleams to each other and to the gleams in the bowls.

I had a small studio, very cramped in a dark narrow room with a huge high ceiling. A magical ancient room.   Large window at one end.  Everything was turned toward that window for the sake of its light.

Long ago I yearned to record the nuances of relationships between the separate flowers — what would have been an…

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