flowers in the cloth

I have a favorite still life cloth.  It has big flowers printed on it.  Has figured in several still lifes I’ve done over the years.  It’s one of my enduring obsessions.  One of those paintings has been restationed over my desk and I see the flowers everyday once more.  Makes me long for flowers.  A mass of flowers into which I could just lose myself drawing.  Flowers, flowers, flowers!


So, let’s think about this some more.  I had a still life set up of artificial flowers on a table, in a vase, sitting on a cloth that is decorated with flowers, and I made a painting of it, and the canvas is made of cloth — so it’s more flowers on a cloth.

I find myself stuck inside a very delightful feedback loop.  Some obsessions are definitely worth obsessing over, if I may say so myself….

5 thoughts on “Flowers growing in the cloth

  1. I have a photograph of my father sitting on a sofa covered in fabric very similar to this. I know that soon I will make a pastel painting using that photo as a reference. It’s homey to me. Comfortable and soothing.

    Perhaps that’s the appeal … the homey feeling. Something about its intricacy too, I find mesmerizing. I look at the cloth and wonder about the textile designer who created it … wonderful anonymous artist. Thanks, Cate

  2. I really like your Flowers growing in the cloth painting
    It is so awesome
    Would you mind if I use your pic as a display on my FB
    when I look at it , makes me feel so fresh !
    sorry for my poor English 🙂

  3. Thank you, Joey, for your kind words. I’m glad that you like the flowers. If you want to use the picture at another internet venue, that’s fine, please just mention that I made it. Again, thank you. Aletha

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