7-16-2011 6;06;43 PM

Always learning, I am still figuring out what “blogging” means.  I used to find it mildly irksome those posts that some folks write explaining why they haven’t posted anything to their blog in a long time … until now.  Now I join the genre.  Here is my why I haven’t posted anything in so long post.  Drum roll, please.

I recently moved all the contents of a large studio into storage.  As a consequence that former challenge I used to face about figuring out where I left my keys has blossomed into a magnificent challenge about where I did I leave [fill in the blank].  Much of my entire life is now somewhere at an undisclosed location, and many of my belongings are incommunicato.  The keys just laugh.

I have to sort through a mountain of stuff!  Holy cow, wish me luck.

Added to all the above, I visited the arboretum yesterday only to discover that all the koi were gone!  They too, it appears, have been put into “storage” while the koi pool is renovated.  The smaller fry were sold, I learned, and the big guys are stashed away.

Me and the koi, both at the same time!  What a coincidence!  Anyway, someday, hopefully fairly soon, I will resume my big art adventures.  In the interim, I enjoy small art adventures.

Pictured above, the studio before the studio that I just moved ….

7 thoughts on “Long Time No See

  1. haha – now you know how it feels (I find that it is best to write a brief ‘away from blogging for a while’ otherwise some people think the very worse. I know how you feel, having just moved, with the ‘where is my …..’ – I am very unorganised at the moment (and very messy). ps. I think one of the koi swam over to Benedicte’s blog – hahaha

  2. among people I appreciate for making my life more
    pleasant ,you are among the top 5.Thank you,dear friend

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