Dog walk drawings

dog walk drawing 3
I’ve done morning coffee drawings and afternoon tea drawings. Now I do the occasional dog walk drawing, for those occasions when walking the dog involves a lot of waiting (if you know what I mean).

The advantage of the dog walk drawing is its devil-may-care aspect. You can feel free to put whatever you want down on the page because “what does it matter?” I like that — as I like all things that wend toward immediacy in art.

dog walk drawing 2

You just draw various scenes that happen upon your gaze as you wait for the dog.
dog walk drawing
And sometimes you even draw the dog.


Return of the prodigal blogger

I have been much away from my blog, and I feel suitably guilty. In my defense I can say that it’s been an extraordinarily busy time — and that I feel suitably guilty.

Anyway for starters we got a dog who we named Gallifrey, and as dog owners know a new dog is a lot of work. In between dog work, though, I have managed a first drawing of her (above), a quick, grab whatever is lying around sort of drawing of a dog momentarily still. And I’ve also done a large, first photo-based drawing of her (below).
large dog drawing

Having the drawing sitting on the floor in the room is, for effect, almost like having another dog.

When I have not been monitoring the dog, or drawing it, I’ve been working on my arachnophobia.
black and gold garden spider 21 x 29 inches

We have a new spider too — a black and yellow garden spider (Argiope aurantia) living among the vegetables. I drew her from a photo. I’m definitely NOT drawing her from life, indeed I plan never to get close to her at all even though she is very pretty (in a spidery sort of way). Measuring an inch and a half in length from stem to stern, she’s much bigger than any spider that I could almost feel comfortable being near.

As things stand, I’m content knowing she’s in the garden munching bugs and that I’m in the studio adding finishing touches to my over-sized drawing. She measures 22 inches stem to stern in art ….

And lastly I spent a week in Baltimore drawing outdoors while my daughter attended a summer camp there. I made a bunch of drawings and studies. Among my favorites are studies I made of two trees.
two trees in the garden other version
This one, and this one …
two trees in the garden

And before all these things I was doing what I always do, I was drawing koi. Always the koi,
100_6530 (2)