morning pastel oct 4
They are just sitting there on the shelf. Each time I passed them I thought to myself that I should draw them. So this morning I did. Quick oil pastel drawing (oil pastels are so made for quickness).

Tomatoes and squashes, basically curved colorful, eatable thingies off which deep colors reflect and round which light bends. I find that my house is full of similar scenes, any of which I might document, that I would document if I had any sense. I set up still lifes when all around me the most amazing still lifes have formed when we didn’t intend.

4 thoughts on “Morning drawing

  1. your paintings are like poetic haiku – momentary snatches preserved in paint or ink – lovely (my internet has been hopeless in the last few weeks but now is going again – drives me nuts when that happens – hope all is well at your end Aletha)

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