More about yesterday’s haul

study detail

Yesterday Eva asked me if I’d be posting pictures of the paintings I was making from my thrift store haul.  I have various things in the works and none quite finished, but I thought I’d put a few things up just to demonstrate that my haul gets some good, hard scrutiny.  Though the stone birds are pieces that I already owned,  they’re part of a set up of haul objects, indeed they’re the stars of the show, so I made a separate study of them.


The whole set up looks like this:

set up

I can’t include the painting here — it’s still too not finished.  However the study is painted on a 9 x 12 inch sheet of Arches oil paper and it looks like this:

two birds study

The famous amber bottle of my previous post and the other objects are off to the sides of the birds and though they have nice supporting roles in the painting, are not visible in this rehearsal.

Meanwhile in another corner of the room I have another set up featuring a part of the haul that I neglected to mention (it was quite a haul).  I got a little greenish blue bowl with a raised, beaded floral pattern seen here filled with fake fruits.

new bowl

I have been doing several pictures of this set up with which I decided I would emulate one of my heroes, Pierre Bonnard.  I have succeeded certainly in one respect in that I managed to produce paintings that are nearly impossible to photograph faithfully.  So I despair of your ever knowing what the actual colors in these pictures are — they look pretty awful on my monitor — don’t know about yours.  Maybe they look grand to someone somewhere!  But the actual paintings, while confusing in some respects (again I’ll say I’m definitely “getting” some of the qualities of ol’ Bonnard), do not have the weird colors represented here.  Instead they possess other, quite different weird color relationships.

Sigh.  So here’s a detail of the one:

bowl still life detail

and here’s a detail of the other.

bowl still life detail other one

In even these rather inaccurate representations of the paintings, it might be apparent that I’m having some fun trying to depict the bowl’s pattern through little dabs of paint.

The still life objects all have such marvelous potential.  I’m just getting acquainted, and yet that will not deter me from visiting the thrift store again (maybe soon) to get even more stuff!  One person’s junk really is another’s treasure.  Sometimes it really is.