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Some people who read my blog seem to enjoy the art advice.  Today, though, I’m writing about the violin.  I began learning violin late.  I was over the age of 40.  I’m mostly self-taught and I play by ear.

And I play violin just like I paint so sometimes it gets chaotic.

This might be the most boring post I’ll ever write.  But it might also be the most useful — even if you don’t play violin — because I’ve found that so many things in life work analogically.  Tweek the advice a little and I’m sure it fits drawing (or painting) also.  It might fit some other skills too.  Feel free to adapt it to your golf game.

The first thing to note, by the way, is that I’m sharing a page from my violin notebook.  So really the first advice — the prologue — is to get a notebook to track…

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