En plein air? I don’t think so

snow again feb26 2014

Don’t blame me if I’m not working en plein air.  That’s the view from my window this morning.

And I’ve got only this many light colored oil pastels:

light colored pastels

So I’m drawing this:

drawing in progress

using this:

computer pic

We just got rid of a bunch of snow.  And now it’s BACK!

Grrrrrr!!!  Brrrrrr!!!

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4 thoughts on “En plein air? I don’t think so

  1. I LOVE your beautiful, colorful drawing!!

  2. I know! painting outside with gloves, hat, heavy coat have an unappealing side to it, better do it inside dreaming of spring and sipping tea. Beautiful dream you are having.

  3. that polar vortex has a lot to answer for ;) but your painting is beautiful anyhoo – no need for all that cold air in your face

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