shell inverted shell

The shell and the drawing are different.  The shell is made of minerals formed through invisible intelligence.  And the drawing, on the contrary, comes about through mute astonishment. At that juncture a wise artist will transform himself modestly into a compliant stylus.  You empty your thoughts and “walk” through a landscape of lines, colors, and light and dark patches.

The marks are thoughts that signify, “I see the curve swell toward this direction,” and “the line escapes here and dissolves,” or “this part seems to press into the space-time here — then to disappear behind the dimensions that float in front of sight.”  The marks are thoughts and emotions too.

Some lines betray one’s doubts:  “I think the contour is here — or is it there?” Some marks skate onto the paper boldly, whether by confidence or by the sudden loss of friction. Thoughts can slide along the paper and you can get ahead of yourself, as the saying goes.

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