I was just searching for some of my own pictures on the internet using the innocuous search term “warm” because I surmised that I had written about warm and cool colors, and I was curious what the term would capture.

In an image search these two pictures came up coincidentally side by side.  One is a detail of a still life containing a honey jar shaped like a bee hive and the other is a detail from a drawing featuring a broad yellow tree in an oriental formal garden. They are so similar in shape!

Sometimes I absent mindedly put one canvas next to another while arranging things in my studio and glancing back upon them am stunned to discover that one line or form flows right into the scene of the adjacent painting as if by design!

Who knows what connections one’s mind has made while the consciousness wasn’t paying attention.  What do large dome shaped yellow forms mean in the grand scheme of things?  Now I feel oddly connected to Monet’s haystacks in a way I never guessed before — or to this amazing painting by Van Gogh ….

Van Gogh Wheat_stacks_in_Provence

Of course mine are pale echoes of Van Gogh’s powerful haystacks.

What do large yellow domed things mean?  Does anyone know?

Here’s another reason why we do art: to find out what the Sam Hill is going on inside our heads.  For that we need to spy thoughts with our own eyes.

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