Bold Drawing, heavens!

flowers pastelHeavens! (As Lady Mary would say).  Isn’t it obvious that an artist should develop his skill to the best of his ability.  (Or hers.)  (Of course)  You should learn to draw to such a degree that you can draw anything. Or if it makes you too nervous to think about it that way, then just draw.

But once you develop skill, then what? What is the point of skill?  Once you know that you can draw, why shouldn’t you use that skill in a daring way?  Sometimes slowly, carefully, yes.  Sometimes drawing boldly, faster than you can think. Draw experimentally, being all “what if” about drawing.

Draw the unaccustomed view. Don’t let the left brain know, what the right hand is doing. Or the left hand. Stamp a big TOP SECRET across your mind, across your thoughts, and just see. Be all eye and hand.

Make many drawings. Take many chances. Hurry!

[Above, large fast drawing, study for a painting, pastel on Canson Mi-teintes, 19 x 24 inches]

Twittering away


I have been twittering this morning — like a bird.  Singing out my art.  Saying, “come look – come look!”  I am never sure how to use the social media.  But then a bird singing has no plan either.  Get into nice spot on the tree branch, start singing.  As spring gradually warms, I’m hearing more singing outside my window.  I wonder if it has inspired me to twitter more in the twitter-verse, and to send out more messages here at this blog, my perch.

Anyway, if you are likewise a Twitterer, do follow me there.  Facebook too.