101_0284Maybe I’m a scatter brain.  But jumping back and to between one motif and another seems to work for me.  Perhaps even a scatter brain can be disciplined, though: I’ve set myself the task of finishing this little painting, this 18 x 24 inch koi painting.  I’m supposed to do it soon.

There, I’ve told the world.

I always mean to finish things and good intentions can mess you up if you’re not careful because time is not as abundant as we think.  We have enough, but I operate as though I’ve got a huge surplus.  Well, I suppose that’s better than giving myself the proverbial ulcer.

Anyway, if there’s one thing I learn by bouncing from the still life, to a model, to the koi — it’s that the page is just a page.  You put colors and lines on it.  At last, it hardly matters what the lines describe (or at least it doesn’t matter all that much to me).  So why not let yesterday’s session with the model inform today’s koi painting that needs finishing.  Yesterday’s boldness can inform today’s slower deliberation.

I’ve got a drawing of another koi too, that’s similar in format to the painting, same idea, different fish, that’s almost the same size. The drawing is made using oil pastel on a rich blue sheet of Canson mi-teintes. The paper color changes all the color relationships and shakes things up in a pleasant sort of way.


I’ve got to work more on the drawing too.  (Imagine sheepish grin here.)

It is possible to have too many things on the back burner.  Back burners in constant operation make for a messy stove.  Let’s hope that discipline can provide the cure.

3 thoughts on “Juggling to the finish line

  1. I love the colors in both of these. The top one, I think it looks done. I like how it just suggests the fish and water with colors and shapes. A little abstract and loose. But I also love things dialed. Either way it will be great!

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