I woke this morning with such a desire for work.101_0377 (2) The only problem I ever have is deciding what to work on but this morning I opened my eyes to the thought of finishing the garden picture, the one with the clouds. It was as though I woke up in that scene. The exhilarating light, the balmy air, the intense blues and greens, exuberant growth of plants.

Desire to finish the garden picture was aided no doubt by a little landscape I began a day or so ago.  I paint it from memory, drawings and imagination though the scene is right outside the back door.


All through the painting session I was popping out of the chair to look out the kitchen door. Throughout the hours I made drawings of the yard, then would paint a little from the drawing I made until blank areas in my mind prompted me to get up and take another look again.


With each prominent question, I’d go back to the door make another little drawing and I worked this way throughout the afternoon until the light changed so much as to render my questions moot.


The weather is identical today to the weather when I began. So I might work on the little landscape before resuming the painting of the garden. It was the former that drives this renewed desire to resume the latter. The day is young so I’m not yet sure what I’ll do.

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