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Someone was searching on “how to achieve light

Degas pastel waterEdgar Degas

in pastel” and through some combination of key words found me.  This I learned from my stats.  Don’t know what post came up under this combination, or if the visitor found anything that resembled what he or she was looking for, but I am intrigued by the question.  It’s the kind of question one often hears addressed in artists’ manuals and in those few magazine publications devoted to technical aspects of art.


millet-dandelions-closer Jean-Francois Millet

I raise the topic now because I try to be helpful, but also because it is so opposite the way that I think about art.  I don’t know if I have ever wondered how one would achieve a quality of light in any medium, and so it prompts me to wonder how I would answer the person’s question were I asked — as well as to wonder what…

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