The vase is key to the painting.

101_8535 (2)

This Limoges vase occupies center place in a planned floral still life, and it has itself flowers adorning its surface. And I love drawing it. So I’ve drawn it, so far, four times to get well acquainted with its beautiful design and to put it against the main colors of the picture: a light green cloth the color of spring grasses and sky blue for the general background.

I also did a quick preliminary study of the cloth and put this drawing next to the Limoges vase drawing to get a sense of the overall scheme.

101_8542 (3)

The ideas for this painting develop bit by bit. Most of the ideas are still confined to my head.

101_8567 (2)

I’ve started another drawing, this one on Strathmore 400 series 18 x 24 paper, where I experiment with the arrangement of flowers. I wonder how many arrangements I’ll do before settling on the bouquet. It’s time consuming because I go flower by flower. Later when there’s a group of them, I have to somehow invent the flowers “behind” the visible flowers and do something about the fall of light and indicate some sense of dimension, of flowers occupying different positions in space.

All that lies ahead.

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