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Once you decide it’s going to be orange, there’s just no turning back.

shell inverted shell

Complementary colors are ones that appear especially intense because they contain opposite frequencies of light.  Blue and orange, red and green, yellow and violet are all color opposites. One subject that I portray often in my art — the koi pond — has a natural blue/orange opposition since many of the fish are orange and the water, reflecting the sky, is blue. But the sea shells I collect have strong passages of orange too and placed against a blue cloth they stand out very boldly.

DSC_1002 (2)

Exploration of color is one of the principle motives of my artwork. So I try to understand color, making a particular effort to explore different colors and different color combinations. Toward that end I collect objects from different color groups. The orange vase that sits nestled among the objects on my still…

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3 thoughts on “Very Orange

  1. Beautiful! I love the fact that you are bold and not afraid to use color. The texture you bring in the bottom painting of your koi with the hatching is wonderful, it gives movement to the water.

  2. Beautiful work Aletha. I like both but the fishes especially – blue and orange is one of my favourite complementary colour schemes. You pull it off quite well here!

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