I draw faces with a pen.101_8650 (2).jpg

It helps me get ready for the life class. I like scribbling and trying to create the face evocatively, pulling it out of the darks. I love making the dark areas using hatching lines. I love the deep blue of the bic cristal pen’s ink and the way that you can smudge it subtly with a paper towel.

Then there’s oil pastel. Drawing with oil pastel helps me even more directly, helps me think about how I’ll use color in the life class.  Copying the Victorian photos using fauvist colors provides practice thinking about color as a form of invention. And it’s nearer to what I  do in the life class where I’m using dry pastel as my tool. The pen drawing above and the oil pastels below are more inventions based on Julia Margaret Cameron’s Pre-Raphaelite photographs.


101_8652 (3)These oil pastels are small drawings, on Canson mi-teinte pages measuring 9 x 12 inches.


7 thoughts on “More drawings of faces

  1. I love these! My favorite is the pen portrait and the last one….the lighting and the scarf…..the tilt of the head. Oh I do love the head scarf on the second one and that moody face!

  2. All these are very good in my opinion – I admire how you can free yourself from realism in the use of colour and do something more fauvist and expressive.

  3. Using color in arbitrary ways is something I began doing a long time ago so it’s seems natural to me now. There’s always some hint in the local color that seems to suggest to me various ways of exaggerating the color. I first began doing it simply to learn about color effects, just trying different things to see what would happen. Sometimes I’m more deliberate about it now, but sometimes it’s still a “what if” experiment.

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