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It finally stopped raining.  We’ve had more rain in the last month here in the Washington area than I remember from EVER. The first rain is surpassingly lovely.  The 17th day of rain, on the other hand, can be a tad disappointing.

But the rain has stopped. Hurray! Nonetheless I do not find myself bounding with energy.  I decided to adopt a more laid back approach in the life class.  I am not abandoning larger than life sized, fauvist colored portrait heads forever but I might be finished with them for now.  I’m not sure.  In yesterday’s class, I made a smaller drawing.  It still involved having to draw the head larger than I see it, but the enlargement was much less dramatic and thus easier on the brain.  I also used local colors. I decided to phone it in.

It’s a life class so the poses are not really set up for portrait anyway, which made all my previous drawings that much more of a challenge. There’s challenge too, though, in the simple, straight-forward drawing, so my new approach to the model for probably the duration of the class will be more laid back. Draw whatever is there.  No straining for a certain viewpoint (I sat on the floor in one class session).  Just open my eyes, be grateful, draw.  That’s the plan.


2 thoughts on “yesterday’s life class

  1. Great to see you back, you have not posted for a while? Intersting to hear you are considering a new approach to your drawing, I find I also am pushed into new tastes of my own every now and then. Hope you get lots of enjoyment from your art.

  2. Ideally I’d continue with my project, but I have faced a lot of difficulties that are mostly technical. I am still eager to carry out this idea at some juncture, particularly since I had really just begun exploring the possibilities of that format. But for the present since it’s a figure drawing class many of the poses are ill-suited to my project anyway. Thus I bow to this reality. Or, the pose might be wonderful except that I find myself located in an inauspicious part of the room, etc. Getting the view you want is a gamble — not just for me but for any one individual. However, I’m very happy with some of images I got. It’s been a wonderful venture over-all.

    To illustrate the technical challenges, often the model’s head at sight-size would appear to be perhaps two or three inches tall. In contrast I was drawing a picture where the head might be a foot tall. If I was also seeing the head in foreshortening, it became more difficult still.

    It’s fun to take on a big challenge. And now I’m just being a bit more relaxed. Recharging the batteries, so to speak.

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