I was away


from my blog for a long time, and now that I’ve returned to writing fairly regularly, I am sometimes at a loss as to what my blog is supposed to be. Whatever intentions I had in the past, those are loose threads now. So I’ve decided that the blog might as well serve as a diary. It can remind a future me what things I was working on, and in roughly what order. It’s worth doing as an experiment. As it is public, it’s a spectator diary. Or a virtual studio where visitors drop by from time to time.

The last life class met on Tuesday. The model adopted the same pose as the session previous, though I changed my position slightly. The model had the most extraordinary cheekbones. I tried to capture their elusive subtlety but never quite managed. I am pleased overall, but still one owes Nature her due. Human beings are by their Creator marvelously fashioned.

101_8743 I drew relatively small (9 x 12 and 14 x 17 inch notebooks) using oil pastel.  Made a few preliminary drawings in pencil and charcoal pencil to get acquainted with the pose and his features.


I have already posted the main drawing from the previous session, but here it is again.

101_8711 (2)

6 thoughts on “art diary

  1. Lovely drawings Aletha – you really know how to draw faces. I think the way you have picked out the highlight with pink in the final drawing is just fantastic. Makes me want to get back to life drawing ASAP

  2. What a coincidence. My post today is about faces. I’m fascinated by the human face and all its variations. It’s a pleasure to see your drawings and get a sense of how your approach them.

  3. Thank you, Judith. I enjoyed the regular chance to draw from life — am definitely going to miss that class. Maybe in the fall or winter I can attend one again.

  4. thank you Art Chap Enjoin. I enjoyed the life class a lot. I’m already missing it. So I want to get back to it ASAP too! But I’m not sure when that will be, perhaps in the fall.

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