Seeing other artists’ watercolors


puts me into a watercolor mood — that and the late springtime heat.  I would love to dive into the pond with the koi. I’d also love to paint in watercolor again.  I need to clean the studio (again). The watercolor palette is buried somewhere under the pile of things. I need an archeologist to help me excavate!

Here’s a detail.


These are more things that I found by visiting my facebook page to hunt down the owl.  See, what you find when you go looking for an owl!

10 thoughts on “watercolor & me

  1. Thank you, fruitful dark, for the kind words and thoughts behind them. I wish I could say that I was gutsy about drawing this, but really it’s not like that. I approach watercolor the same way that I do other media — thinking in terms of what color I want in a certain location. The only difference with watercolor is the transparency, so that you can indicate a shape lightly and later can firm it up. All of the media, though, are pigments applied to a surface and so each medium has a lot in common with all the other media if you think in terms of “putting the right color in the right place.” And for that I just practice a lot.

  2. merci, Ben — it’s been too long since I used watercolor so I’ve pulled them out to help me think through ideas for a painting. I want to make lots of little sketches.

    c’était trop longue je faisais des aquarelles que je cherche ma palette et je vais faire des croquis pour une peinture que je voulais peindre

  3. Hi Aletha and thanks for visiting my site – much appreciated. Love this painting – hope you find your buries watercolour palette soon – would love to see more of your watercolour magic!

  4. Hello John! I did find it, since I wrote that, and am beginning to use watercolors again. Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to seeing more of your paintings.

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