My daughter can draw really well


which is not surprising given that she was holding a crayon before she could talk. But she doesn’t really know she can draw. Modern schools have a way of persuading children that they cannot draw, so it’s difficult to keep a young artist’s momentum going.  A young woman now, she picks up a pencil now and then. She’s on the verge (I hope) of rediscovering her talent.

Yesterday she drew the plaster cast (actually it’s made from cement, but same idea).

She has given me permission to post her drawing here. It’s a lively drawing, if a mom may say so herself …

4 thoughts on “someone else’s art

  1. Thank you, Judith. I hope so too. Drawing is another way of thinking. Whether one becomes an artist or not, just to feel the freedom to describe the things we see with lines and colors is so wonderful. It connects us to things.

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