When you paint as much blue as I do

squash wc (2)

sometimes you need some yellow and orange. The koi pictures that feature so prominently in my life and studio make one need strong warm colors from time to time as a foil to the watery blue reflections of sky that dominate those works. Since I have an ancient squash that’s been sitting on the kitchen shelf for longer than I’m willing to admit, and as I don’t think I’m interested in cooking it anymore, I decided that it’s perfectly suited to the still life table where it sits very nicely.

squash and shell oil

I painted it with watercolor in the picture on top, and afterwards decided to have a go at it with oil paint too. For the oils I paired it with one of the sea shells.

The light comes in from the window facing south at the backyard and also from an east facing window that bounces light from the neighbor’s light colored house, filtered through the leaves of shrubs I need to prune.  I have a bright yellow plastic table cloth that I bought for a dollar at the grocery store, purchased for its brilliant color and assembled together the items and ambient light all make for much bright yellow wending warmth.

So, there they are — today’s immersions in a foil to blue.  The balance of the color reproduction is off.  The pictures are cooler and more lemon shaded (especially in the cloth) than gets captured here. But I learned long ago that the camera sees things a little differently than our eyes do.  And the reproduction catches the general sense, and hence is as we say “close enough for jazz.”



7 thoughts on “Yellow and Orange

  1. “close enough for jazz” I like that one…..go for yellow or gold! I need to veer off to a color that I don’t use much, I will have to give that one some thought. Oh, I know! white! I have been thinking of challenging myself and paint a white subject. 🙂

  2. Sometimes I arrange things for the colors rather than for the stuff. I love color. Love messing around with arrangements of colors.

    White sounds wonderful, Margaret. You should do it!

  3. I have the perfect subject, been thinking about it and faltering a bit because I prefer loose and this subject yells “make me tight” well, I hate tight! tight calls in my left brain and there is always a fight that ensues. So, it will be a challenge because I will have to keep it loose and yet keep the integrity of the subject.

  4. It did work. And woah! That’s complicated. I think you’re going to have to approach it in a painterly way unless you’ve got acres of patience! It’s beautiful. You should do it. Portray the big forms, develop color in an evocative way.

  5. see what I mean! you said it….woah! lol I think that I am not a painter with patience, I have done work that requires it either I hated the experience or I loved it. I always detest finding out! I like your idea, yes, painterly. I’ll plan this one out and go for the evocative and sensitive way.

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