101_8955 (2)Today I’m making an oil study of the fish vase and have just begun indicating the object that’s beside it — the frog tea pot.  An earlier post showed the fish vase in watercolor and again in oil pastel.  This time I’m using oil paint.  Each medium helps one think about visual features in different ways.

All that plus they say that practice makes perfect.

I like looking at the changing lights across the surface of the vase.

An earlier version of this oil study looked like this:

fish vase oil

3 thoughts on “again, the fish vase

  1. yummy color! I have never tried oil but I’ll leave it to you folks that are great with it. Yes, practice does make perfect! that’s why I keep at it….over and over again! lol

  2. I agree with Margaret. Beautiful colour, I think it is the mark of your very special style that you keep your color so clean, creating patterns and paths for the eye to follow with your color. Very gutsy, I admire that!

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