pool-and-treesMinimal lines to form trees, spirals to be ripples, a grid that is the tiled pool sides, and a few trees’ silhouettes formed by spare marks.  Pale blue of water and the sky’s reflection.  Pale green of new grass. The white of the paper as the light of day.

Trees that stand straight like sentinels.  A curve that leans inward.  The basin at one’s feet, and its depths below.

Squares in rows, edges and corners, dislocated swirls — for there doesn’t really seem to be any water in the pond. Lots of empty space.  Lots of differences between a real pool and a drawing of one — or an idea of a pool.

On a hot day, each is welcome.  A real pool most welcome of all, but even an imaginary pool is better than none. For where there is imagination, there is still something.

5 thoughts on “Pool

  1. oh man…are you a writer’s artist or an artist’s writer? you have a way with words that really goes deep. I think that I need to start writing down these little Alethaisms…..

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