bonnard fish

Someone on my twitter feed posted a marvelous painting by Pierre Bonnard.  Perusing a link further, I found this wonderful “Fish on a Dish,” above (Poisson dans un plat).  The title is catchy in English.

As soon as I saw it, it makes me want to paint.  I have a fish that I like to draw, one that I found years ago at random around the time that we first got an internet connection.  It was an image I found while looking for a fish cam, and from a pixelated photo I discovered, I have drawn many forms of that fish, one of which appears below (a detail of an acrylic painting). Many of them depart dramatically from their random photographic source.

fish detail 1 pixel

Now I am wanting to do something in pastel — something — I’m not sure what.  A picture with blues, something with squares — maybe the fish, maybe some koi.  I don’t know.

But seeing Bonnard’s picture makes me want to paint.  I don’t know how it affects you.  But for me, it’s as though he put both the sky and the sea on his kitchen table and then this fish in a dish.


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