I remember this tree, a sugar maple that stood right outside the back door. I loved drawing it. The tree was full of romance. In 2003 hurricane Isabel damaged all the maples so badly that we had to have them cut down.  We were lucky that none of the trees completely uprooted.  None of them fell.

However the storm left them all tilting precariously. It was clear that any ordinary thunderstorm could finish them off. They had figured in paintings and drawing over the years.  These two drawings are ones I found in an old notebook. I ignored the leaves in these and fixed all my attention on the graceful trunks and branches.


And then they met their match.




I found these drawings of leaves and branches in an old notebook (the same notebook mentioned in the previous post).  I don’t know whether I drew from life or from a photo. I don’t remember a photo with an image like this, and the trees that I could have drawn from are gone now.  However at the time these drawings were made, the yard was full of sugar maples. They’re all clearly the same motif, drawn again and again.





I love the silvery character of pencil drawings.

window treatment


I was rummaging through an old notebook and found this drawing.  And I add it now to my idea(s) about a still life painting that’s in the works.  I can’t use this angle for the picture I’m planning, but I like the idea and so I note that it might work well in another, future version of the motif.

Thus it joins this drawing.


And this one.

101_8614 (2)

And joins the idea catalog for this motif below which is still just an idea in the mind so far.

101_8736 (3)

It’s a good thing I have this blog to help me keep track of this stuff.