Benedicte’s Wonderful Drawings

These sketches are like snapshots, a glance of the day to day life. They are a bit longer to do than a snapshot with a camera, but they are the same in the essence, unpretentious, informal, the pure joy of looking at every day life objects. Ces croquis sont comme des instantanés, un coup d’oeil du quotidien. […]

via Snapshots — CARNET DE DESSINS/Bénédicte’s blog

The Art of the Crayon

Lorraine Bell’s book The Art of the Crayon

has arrived.  There’s four pages of my crayon drawings inside.  You can even see the pages of my work when you use Amazon’s “look inside” feature.  So that’s kind of neat!  The book is available through book sellers everywhere.




Shopping for ideas


I’ve been visiting the National Gallery of Art in Washington on recent weekends.  Monet’s painting of his garden has been a particular destination.  I’m painting landscapes now, and I look at Monet’s surfaces and seek answers to questions that I’m encountering in my own painting.  I have five landscapes in the works at present, each in different stages of “almost there.” Mine are small paintings, 18 x 24 inches.  Monet’s painting is quite large. His measures almost 60 x 48.  The room is so large that the painting doesn’t seem that big when you’re standing in front of it, but — wow — it is. Some sense of the scale is available by seeing it with museum visitors.


Details of Monet’s painting are visible on NGA’s website.  You can zoom into the nuances.