koi-small-reworked-2I’m experimenting with small pastel today.  The drawing above — still in the works — measures 13.5 x 9 inches.  It’s based on a watercolor — I’m copying my own watercolor into pastel — drying the fish as it were.


I’ve done the koi in pastel many times, but never on so small a scale.  At present I find it very difficult to match the degree of visual incident that’s going on in the watercolor.  But who knows — I’m still drawing.

Some details show the textures of the pastel marks.


Just as edges of a watercolor passage create a textural effect, so also to various elements of pastel have a unique look — the dragged sides of sticks, the varying widths of line when the sticks are used to draw, the zig zags, hatch marks, blurred passages of blended color.  Each way of laying the pigment down has something to offer which at last will hopefully carry the illusion along while giving some material beauty of their own.

I am always amazed at the way ordinary cameras can capture the amazingly up-close details of artwork now.  You can see bits of pigment sitting in clumps on the paper.



8 thoughts on “Dried Fish

  1. Great energy in your painting as always. Very interesting to see how the pastel does it’s own thing with the painting – similar, but also different to the watercolor.

  2. thank you, Fritz — this particular pastel was an experiment in scale — with small — I want to see how much detail I can get using marks and dabs and whatnot.

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