I’ve been working on a series of small landscape paintings lately.  This is one of them.  The canvas measures 18 x 24.

The road leads to a wall of crepe myrtles in bloom.  True, the road turns ahead.  But why would you want to go anywhere else?  When you reach the bunches of trees and shrubs filled with colors, you’ve arrived.

5 thoughts on “Crepe Myrtles

  1. Great color as always. I am trying to move more toward this type of composition without a definite focal point, more of a dance with the eye. You said 18 x 24 – is that inches? If so, can only imagine the size of your large paintings!

  2. Thank you, Fritz for the kind words. Your question points to another thing I tend to forget — that much of the world (most even ?) measures metricly. Yes, it’s 18 x 24 inches. It’s a small painting. That said, the US does the English speaking world a favor by holding fast to our inches. Otherwise what would become of the inch worm? It cannot be a metric worm. And a centimeter worm sounds too much like another bug, the icky one with all the legs.

  3. For me, 24 x 18 is huge. I thought to increase the size of my work each year. I may get to 18 x 24 in a few years time!

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