Il y a des fleurs partout pour qui veut bien les voir.  — Henri Matisse

(There are flowers everywhere for whoever really wants to see them.)

Some of the flowers that are everywhere are actual flowers.  The still life flowers came from the grocery store.  Some flowers are artifacts, like the ones painted onto the vase. Some of the beautiful things that fill one’s twenty-four hours are flower-like, or metaphorical flowers, as being things that bloom and fade but which are replaced by new, similar bits of loveliness — ideas, memories, moments of insight in the process of blooming and fading — all part of a beauty-wending path of being and unbeing.  But even when the flowers fall, the real flowers, they are still lovely.

Pastel. 20 x 15 inches. Available.

4 thoughts on “more flowers

  1. Beautiful work Aletha. I always find I can learn from the way you work with pinks and purples (both of which terrify me!) in conjunction with yellow and green.

  2. thank you, Fritz — I’m glad you see something that helps you. For my part, I just set up the still life and put the colors down as I see them and keep adjusting them to resemble the thing itself. The colors of actual things usually harmonize on their own — a thought that Cezanne expresses somewhere or other. Nature’s colors harmonize. Granted that my still life includes manmade things in it (the cloths, the jar) but the light they reflect comes from Nature. Whatever color I find difficult for any reason, that’s the color I put into the still life (though these colors I put there just because I like them). Thanks again.

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