In a little vase of flowers you can find so many things — the stability of gravity, the beauty of light, the profusion of nature, a riot of incident — they are all there.  Even in the small compass of a little bouquet, there’s so much to see. A little vase of flowers is a microcosm of all of nature.

Pastel on sanded paper, 11 x 10 inches. Available.


2 thoughts on “little bouquet

  1. Beautiful painting, light and colorful. I like this series you are doing. I study each painting carefully for the color combinations and learn a lot from it.

  2. Thank you, Fritz, for the kind words.

    This is the smallest of the group I’ve been painting. It was after 10 pm when I started it. I’d returned from teaching my pastel class. So I painted very quickly. I had some new flowers (saw some that I couldn’t refuse in the grocery store near the art center) so I added the new flowers to a bouquet I’d used earlier in the day. I didn’t want to wait until even the next day because the flowers were so fresh. Painting in a hurry can be a good discipline. Gets you focused on essentials. And it’s like running a race.

    I love this sanded paper (UART 500 grit).

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