I’ve been doing so many flowers that I tend to forget about some that I had set aside.  So here’s another horizontal format of flowers.  The blue compotier in all the pictures that include it holds seashells, which are fun to draw blurred as they are by the glass.  The glass pickle jar is also a fun object.  Of all the vases I’ve used so far, I think it’s my favorite.

This one measures 24 x 18 inches on UArt sanded paper — a wonderful surface.


6 thoughts on “Red!

  1. It must be fun to compose your painting and choose your favorite objects. I have tried Uart only once and I forget which grit grade that I used…..which one did you use for this painting? I have heard that 240 grit is comparable to Wallis paper. I miss Wallis so much! I need to get some before I do more pastel paintings.

  2. I used 500 grade UArt. I have heard that Wallis paper is unobtainable now (?) which I assume means that it’s no longer being manufactured. I’ve heard of it — in its legendary way — but have never used it. And the 500 grade UArt is the only grade of that paper I’ve used. I liked the first of it that I used and have stuck with it since. But I’ve used an acrylic based pumice product to “make your own” paper and find it a bit gritty for my taste. So the Wallis is on the gritty side?

    I do like painting certain objects again and again.

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