red-eyed-cicadaFor me art seems second nature.  Not to draw or paint — to give up those things would be for me like asking if I should give up thinking.  No need for thinking anymore so I’ll just stop.

I have trained my brain to do art.  I think of visual stuff in an off hand way all day whether I’m painting or not.  I have a hard time understanding how people cannot draw.

And why doesn’t everyone have a still life table?  What’s up with that?  Even when you’re not drawing the stuff it’s so nice to see it just sitting there.  And the spaces between the things look so intriguing —  they sit there in space in relationship to each other and gravity has them screwed to the table as the Earth blasts through space.

Isn’t it wonderful seeing an object through the hard clear surface of a glass jar? To see a thing behind the jar being distorted by the glass? Or seeing the patterns on a cloth from an oblique angle as the cloth recedes in space. How DO other people manage their day without these charms?

I want to draw as a cicada sings, or as a spider spins a web.

You may be closer to a similar relationship regarding the elements of your work — whatever it is that you do — than you’re aware!

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