Fortune Cookie Wisdom

other owl drawing

Today’s fortune cookie reads “Accept your independence and use it wisely.”

So, what is my independence? Hmmm ….

Can it be that I see art as a fiercely individual task?  You learn from tradition.  You can learn from everything — your private life, from the art others make, from the great art of the old masters, and last but not least from Nature.  But you must filter these experiences unabashedly through your own mind.

Have I not accepted my independence?  Hmmm ….

I don’t know. I rather thought that I had.  But perhaps there are further steps I must take in this direction.  Can the cookie be wrong?  The cookie is the random element tossed my way in the vast universe!  It is only correct if it speaks directly to you.  And this cookie message does seem rather apropos. I may need additional cookies to work out the details.  Goes along perfectly with my ever enduring and renewing ambition to eat more Chinese food.

I’m going to accept my independence!  I will!  And I’ll have to get back to you and let you know how it turns out!

I will use my independence wisely too!  I will!