Class Deux

by-matisse-still-lifeI told the drawing class participants that I’d post information about future class sessions on my blog, and that’s what I’m doing now.  I’m sharing it with all the other readers to this blog as well.  Hope you find something helpful.

For the second class here are the things chiefly to bring:

  • whatever sort of pen you typically use to write with — I have recommended Bic Cristal pens because they’re cheap and wonderful and easily obtained almost anywhere, but any pen that you have on hand, that you like, will do as well whether it’s a ball point pen like the Bic Cristal or a marker pen or some other
  • bring a small notebook — recall I showed you mine last class — it measures 5 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches — 8 x 6 inches is another typical size.  The small one easily fits in a purse or a pocket.

Bring also an example of a drawing by an artist that you like.  I would encourage you to keep look out for drawings you like so that you’ll have specific things to emulate.  These things can include styles, techniques, approaches to subject matter, medium, etc.

I’d also encourage you to begin forming a sort of private museum of works by artists that you like, a “wonder wall.”  Perhaps you pin reproductions on a bulletin board, tape them to the cubicle wall in an office, save them to a Pinterest account, collect them in a scrap book or choose some other way of having and referencing them regularly.

And lastly and most significantly bring something to draw during the class — something visually interesting, something you’d enjoy looking at for 2 hours, something that’s not too valuable (not the family heirloom).  Can be ANYTHING.  You can draw your own shoes.


A word to the wise — “easy” things can sometimes be the hardest to draw — things that have clean, uncomplicated surfaces may end up being frustrating in their bold plainness and the wild and crazy plant sending shoots out in every direction may be much more friendly to your pen than you suppose. Look around — what’s portable, has lots of visual features, has personal meaning.  Bring that.

If by chance you have an artist’s drawing of the thing you’re bringing, you’re in great luck!

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A little trip down memory lane …

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I solved the riddle! (Whew.)  The solution occurred while I was drinking coffee this morning at a McDonald’s restaurant after having fiddled with numerous trials and erroneous attempts.  I guess insight played a role in my solving it since I had “found” the solution without realizing it the night before and had rejected it — by which I mean that I had discovered the correct shape (thinking of this as a drawing exercise) but had the scale wrong (a common problem in drawing)  Thus a slight attitude adjustment was needed to capture the solution, requiring several hours of sleep as well as relaxing distractions plus a fresh morning perspective.  (No doubt the coffee was helpful, too.)

The work of solving the riddle presented many intriguing corollary questions.  While solving it feels nifty, I wonder who created the puzzle and what questions lead someone to an invention like this.  Discovering a puzzle requires a higher and brighter…

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