Everything about “Continuing Drawing” at MPA this winter

Class begins this afternoon!

Trace Elements

Continuing Drawing
For both beginning and continuing students seeking to improve their skills. Hone your drawing and observational skills in this dynamic class as you draw from life and subjects of your choice. Gesture, line, proportion, mass, volume, value, tone, perspective, and shading will be covered. This class will provide a strong foundation for any level. Optional prerequisite: I’ve Never Held a Pencil: Drawing for Beginners.
Instructor: Aletha Kuschan
9 lessons @ 2 hrs, $260/235 MCC district residents
6607.317         Tu, 1/17-3/14              4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
General:  This course is progressively arranged with topics that fold into each other.  You’ll get the most from the class if you attend all sessions.  If unavoidable absence is necessary, just jump bravely into the next unit.  However and unfortunately I won’t be able to explain or summarize missed portions of the class.
  • One Graphite pencil standard #2 (Dixon Ticonderogas or other brand) the…

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