Trace Elements

To do in class or between now and the next class, here’s some things to consider.

Find an old master’s drawing of a head (e.g. Andrea del Sarto, Giovanni  Battista Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, Rubens, Albrecht Durer, Bronzino, Jean Baptiste Greuze, et al) and make a version of it in a medium of your choice (pen drawing, charcoal, charcoal pencil, graphite, etc.) being as faithful to the drawing as you can be.

Observe the main lines.  Ask yourself “what is the largest, most comprehensive shape that the artist has drawn?” This can be — may likely be an oval of some sort — but strive to capture the actual character of that oval — is it taller than it is wide?  is it wider than tall?  Does it taper?  Is it a “squarish” shaped oval? In any case, begin with that shape.  Copy the image working from the largest shapes to the medium sized shapes…

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