DSC_0987 (2)The Convergence shows a group of koi racing across the surface from left to right. When The Convergence hangs together with Racing Koi (below) as pendants, the koi fishes seem to be racing toward each other.  In The Convergence brilliantly orange-colored fishes predominate and their complementary color contrasts brightly with the serene blue of the water.  The fishes’ forms are modeled and dimensional.  Some of their features are clear, and one senses the round slippery, firm shapes of the powerfully moving fish as they push through the water, as they companionably shove into each other.  Koi are “brocaded carp,” specially bred fish noted for their beautiful color patterns and strong hues.  In this picture the brightest colored fishes have accidentally gathered together, filling the center with vivid red-orange.  A linear energy runs throughout their movements.  Dark reflections in the water create lines that also parallel the strong contours of the kois’ bodies with energy that is vibrant and yet somehow soothing.

Converging Koi is a pastel painted on Canson Touch Mi-Teintes paper measuring 28.75 x 20.75 inches.

The companion picture Racing Koi, featured in the last post, is below.

101_0134 (2)



3 thoughts on “The Convergence

  1. This is a stunning painting Aletha. I am sure across a large room it will appear as a colorful abstract. There is a really nice unity for my amateur eye to the warm and cool color areas, and as always in your Koi paintings a vibrant energy suggested by the complimentary colors. I hope you ar very chuffed with this!

  2. Thank you, kind Fritz, for your appreciative words. The koi pictures do look good in a room — if I may say so myself. I always seek to have them look good up close too. I am working at the “up close” distance when making them of course, and I love the interactions of lines and colors in abstract relationships across the page. So those are things that I’m always seeking even when focused on the larger effect. The kois are such wonderful animals and I feel a responsibility in my painting to capture some of their amazing beauty and energy. I am very chuffed, I think! I’ll know just as soon as I look that word up!! haha

  3. Yup, I agree the Koi are wonderful mystical creatures. Interestingly there is a sub-species of them here in the Waikato river (a sort of Carp) and they are regarded as an invasive species and thus hunted down. Sometimes if I sit still on the river bank a large one would come out of the dark depths like a spotted golden ghost dancing toward the light.
    Thanks also for your very long and insightful comment on my most recent post – I want to reflect and give a proper response and need to build up some energy for that, so watch that space!

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