two trees in the gardenI am learning about the ebb and flow of days. There is always something to do, and in art especially one can always draw.

I realized late last night that it doesn’t matter whether I work from a photograph, or from life, or from drawings, or imagination, or memory, or invention, or whatever.

What matters is the sense of conviction — when you feel that each decision is “true” then you put things together using your unconscious skills.  The picture will have cohesion because the ideas in your head will have cohesion.

I like to work from life most of all because in that instance I am least aware of making the choices and am most caught up in the motif so that the unconscious can have complete sway.  It is the very opposite of slavish imitation — it is a complete freedom from imitation that one finds inside imitation.

11 thoughts on “Random insights

  1. Beautiful painting Aletha, the shapes, lines and color choices all comtribute to a really striking picture. I liked it the moment I saw it!

  2. This one’s actually an oil pastel drawing. I was at the Baltimore arboretum one week in summer, my daughter had a summer camp in the city, and I was keeping myself busy. I’m glad you like it, Fritz. I’m thinking it would be fun to do something like this again when the weather warms — to make colored drawings en plein air, maybe later on turn some of them into paintings in the studio … perhaps. What do you think?

  3. I’m glad that my drawing makes you want to use your oil pastels. That is a wonderful compliment, thank you. I love oil pastels. They are so immediate and direct. And, as you say, the palette is bright!

  4. That is the thing I love about oil pastels is that they can be layered. Dry pastels can layer, too, with the right paper. Thanks again, Rosie.

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