haul 5 (2)Every once in a while I hear the siren call of the Thrift Store still life objects.  They start singing my name.  Their lovely sound reaches my ears, I jump in the car and head off to my favorite thrift store.  Following the sound, I usually discover some fun thingy that’s brightly colored, with perhaps mesmerizing patterns, something that would be fun to draw and paint, a thingy with character.  A recent thrift store trip did not disappoint.

I found this lovely little bowl with its fierce cobalt blue glaze and graceful fruit decorations.

haul 7 (2)I also found the bud vase with a beautiful chrysanthemum design featured in several of these photos.   Both came from the Kenilworth Avenue Salvation Army Store in Bladensburg, Maryland.

That wasn’t all.  I had more time on my hands that afternoon, and more siren voices singing me along my journey, so I headed to Joann’s Fabric store, too, where I found another ceramic — on sale —  woo hoo — a lovely butterfly plate seen below.  To go with it. I got an intricately decorated butterfly cloth.

haul 3

Last item I found is this brilliant blue-turquoise cloth decorated in wild rose and tulip bunches, featured in pictures above.  All these items will soon find their way to the still life table and take their turns becoming the subjects of future paintings.  You can see the detail in the flowers of this marvelous blue cloth.

haul 1

With still life cloths, I find that sometimes the reverse side is as lovely as the front.  The softer version of the pattern offers another way of setting up a motif.  The reverse sides of both these cloths proved to be very lovely in pale tones.

haul 2

So there you have it.  Another thrift store trip with happy results!



5 thoughts on “thrift store haul

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loved the thrift stores for their endless supply of interesting objects that can be used in still lifes.

  2. You are not alone! And thrift stores are the best. Not only are the objects more affordable, very often the purchase itself benefits others — in my case the Salvation Army was a beneficiary along with the people it serves. Also the objects come usually from the past, their connotations are not located so much in present trends. The objects are artifacts of other lives. They have character. There’s a story in there somewhere to be felt, to be told — visually, through art. Thank you for your comment, Amber.

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