Shimmering Surfaces

sea shell and compotier

The wing of the seashell, like the wing of a bird, evokes a freedom of spirit.  And the intense and varied colors of a seashell’s glassy surface offer visual effects that are stimulating and marvelous to contemplate. I love to look at and to draw seashells.

In this still life all the surfaces become mental territories — dreamlike in their intensity — whose colors vary and vibrate. Next to the queen conch, on the right, sits a blue pedestal bowl whose curves distort the background cloth seen through its glass. Both objects, though without clearly obvious meanings, seem iconic to me when I contemplate them in the still life setting — by their steady presence — by the way their abstract shapes lock together forming strong lines and contrasting edges.

Shimmering Surfaces: Sea Shell is an  oil pastel painting on toned paper that measures 14 x 11 inches.