seashell April 11.jpg

Like sky and sea the colors behind the seashell evoke memories of its ocean home.

I put my new cloth — the one I got just the other day — behind the shell, covering over the big jar and other things that sit behind the seashell in this still life set up.  When I remove the cloth, the earlier set up will reappear. Meanwhile these colors bring with them ocean thoughts.

I worked fast on this little seashell until the light failed.  I might do some more painting to it from imagination and memory.  On the right hand side is another shell cut off by the edge. I can definitely develop it further from imagination, particularly since I drew these two shells before — in this same arrangement — before starting this painting.  The shell on the right, cropped by the edge, comes too forward.  But I can make it behave.

I am curious to see how much I can get down in short sessions.

2 thoughts on “seashell against a turquoise cloth

  1. Thank you, Rosie. I have a bunch of seashells I collected, and I’m getting to know them. Perhaps it’s a little like your portrayal of Welsh monuments. I paint these one by one, or sometimes a group together.

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