window drawing.jpgA morning person, I’m learning to become one.

My dog Lucy deserves most the credit. Lucy is an early riser, ascribing to the old saying of Benjamin Franklin, “Early to rise, early to eat.”  Oh, wait ….

Anyway, Lucy claims that’s what he meant no matter what he actually said.

I was looking out the window at the spring, this being the studio window which overlooks the back yard, the window that hasn’t been cleaned since whenever I last wrote about cleaning it.  (I can relax knowing that no one is likely to ever look that up.)  It’s an exceedingly messy window, much in need of repair. Here’s where the squirrel came to munch on the internet access cable.  Here’s where each year, generation after generation of spiders makes a home between layers of glass because, apparently, whole civilizations of bugs also make residence between the window proper and the storm window frame.

So looking out at the view I’m confronted with abundant visual complexity. A chronicler of days could find an entire magnum opus with this view alone.  For outside I see the lovely spring composed of new green, and I see pale overcast sky, and bare branches reaching up in every direction ready to leaf, and new leaves from the early strivers of the tree domain.

  The architecture of the window is there to confuse the geometrically perplexed (such as myself). But there are other subtler features too.

The glass (very dusty dirty and spider webby) catches reflections.  It dulls over the passages of color lying behind it.  Some areas of the tree trunk nearest the window (remind me that I need to cut that down) are affected by this grey veil of dullness, that softens passages of the elegant tree trunk form, leaving other parts full rich in tree trunk darkness. The warm/cool changes in all these passages are mind boggling.

So I draw it with morning coffee, fully aware that I cannot depict these many perceptions.  Even sorting out which to attempt and which to exclude puts my caffeine addicted brain to task.  It’s mostly for the loveliness of beholding and the idleness of contemplation that I decided to draw this scene.  It was here.  I have coffee to drink.  So why not?

Does it count as plein air landscape when you’re sitting inside looking out the window?

(En plein intérieur)

4 thoughts on “morning people

  1. Thank you, Nina (of method two madness). I felt like I discovered things while making it. I notice things more when I’m drawing. It’s like taking notes during Nature’s morning meeting.

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