second seashell ap 11

I’ve been in full seashell mode lately.

I like to do the same motif many times.  This is the same seashell of the same set up that I posted previously, but it’s painted on Arches oil paper — a very different surface than the earlier one which is painted on canvas panel.  And it’s larger, a 12 x 16 inch sheet, compared to the earlier one of 9 x 12 inches.  Consequently the shell is a little bigger, though still not life size.

I should do it life size too.

That would be such a different way to experience it, a more tactile way.  I can do one life size using the 12 x 16 inch paper because the shell measures about 8 x 8 1/2 in its length and height.

I left the decorations of the cloth out — for now — possibly forever. The cloth is covered with a bunches-of-wild-roses pattern.  Though I love highly decorated cloths for still life, it’s also nice to do this motif in a plainer way that is more directly evocative of sky and sea.

I painted the picture late at night and left its right side in a peculiar state of incompleteness.  Intriguing these passages of thoughts that trail away.  It looks a little abrupt.

Each iteration of the painting reveals new things about the subject.

Each individual conch shell rewards sustained contemplation.  Hopefully the paintings will also capture some of the object’s inherent magic.

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